Images with Light

Just decided that i'd share some of these cool images ive found on a website, where it looks like everyone just loves getting involved in the ideas that get thrown around. It's not just something that looks cool though! The pieces i'm sharing are inspiration for possible future projects that may include light, since the end of last year showed mw that this may be a good direction for me. I really liked the photograms and worked well on big sets (2D and 3D), and light is really just another feature that would come into play into that aspect of my work. If you want to explore more check out the Gizmodo website.

Las Meninas: Germaine Richier

Here is the second runner up in the Las Meninas project. "Shepherd of the Landes" (1951, cast 1996) was cast in Bronze, and features a type of hybrid form; the Shepherd appears to have aquired an almost insect-like stance, as well as appearing old and decreppid. These themes are frequent in Richiers work, which "strike a chord with the bleak image of humanity prevalent in Europe after the Second World War (taken from the Tates website). I liked the worn out look in the sculpture, the weathered form still standing against all odds, a very defient figure in my opinion. I also was fascinated by the head of the figure, because at first glance i could only see what looked like a sort of dinosaur looking head, but walking around it (Paul noticed this) theres a collection of faces showing personality. Unfortunately, it didn'tmake the final cut!


Las Meninas: Reg Butler

So, last Sunday Katie, Paul and I went to The Liverpool Tate Gallery (as did just about everyone in the group we found out after) to see exactly what it had to offer. This was my first time here and although it's the Tate i didn't realise just how big it was when I first walked in. The plan was to check out the Picasso exhibition but in a moment of spontaneouity (is that a word? it is now!) turned left to check out the free half of the gallery.After walking through at least three rooms of conceptual paintings, sculptures and blocks of colour (Yves Klein was on show as well) we entered the final room.
We loved it. It was part of the DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture, which was talking a look at contemporary scylptures, as were the other rooms we'd seen, but this was from another world! They were all figures, distorted, mashed, exaggerated, isolated, scary-because-they-were-different figures, all selections of 3D works. Not only that, this room was special because it had a silent disco dance floor in the middle. So Paul, Katie and I took our put or complimentary headphones on and boogied on in.

We whittled the work we wanted to use for the next section to just three pieces before making a decision. Here's the first "runner up", Reg Butler, with Girl on a Round Base (1968-1972). It was made with the components bronze, paint, glass and hair. It shows a nude woman stretching on her chair, yet she's contorted and face doesnt seem human-like. I liked it because it seemed futuristic, like she could be what we turn into, and this could eventually be what we would think of as sexy. Upon further research i found that the girl on the base was inspired by Bacon's paintings of reclining figures, so it seems here that Butler is re-imagining a 3D sculpture of what Bacon would have liked to have done himself.

Christian Nauck

Here are a few drawings from an illustrator called Christian Nauck. I found him when i was just browsing around the internet and quickly found out that he now works for Marvel Comics, a shock for me because i actually collect them! However, British comics are two years behind their American friends, so i let myself off. I chose these three images to try show his scope in character design in different positions, like the difference between the stand-off in the Wolverine/ Cyclops at the top and the Red Riding Hood looking girl in the band. The bottom shows his sketches, which should help me with my figure drawing.


Craig Shields

Here are a couple of pieces of work created by a friend i recently made, Craig Shields. He's just graduated from The University of Lincoln, but lives in York and has already given me advice and inspiration for my next two years. He gave me his website when i first met him but forgot to look him up for quite a while, but when i did i was pretty blown away by the level of professionalism, input and commitment shown.
The first piece i'm exhibiting could have been just about any of his pieces since i love nearly all of them but i chose this one because i'm loving the use of minimal colour along with the mix of photo/ simple doodles to show energy and mood. I'll be happy if i can find a way to do this by the time i finish the course. Also, this piece has been in the Computer Arts magazine, proving thathe could very well be one of the next "big names" in design/ illustration.
The second piece is his most recent (or what i've seen anyway), and is based on the one-word brief (or theme, rather) of "Mythic". The theme was set by Depthcore, a Digital Media and Art Collective that he follows closely; many of his stylised works can be found within these chapters. Hopefully we'll get to see more of him soon!