Contact Report: Christian Barthold


My name is Kyle and i've always been really inspired by your work. I'm studying Illustration at University at the moment and i've used you in presentations about artists the motivate me already, so i was wondering if i could ask you a few short questions that would really help me gain a little more insight into this world after studies? I understand if you don't have the time because obviously you have a very busy schedule, but if you would like to help, please just email the answers to me at curky_hart_666@hotmail.com?

1. Throughout your creative career you have moved across many different styles, from fashion-based work to life-like portraiture. I don't have a certain style yet so seem to be jumping between many different techniques, so I was wondering what your motive is behind changing styles regularly? And how do you settle on a certain style for a set period of time?

2. Do you prefer to create your own work with the idea of freedom, or to work for a client which brings you tighter restrictions?

3. When working for a client how do you begin your creative process and does this affect your creative style in any way in terms of technique?

4. I really like your style when you mix photography and fashion together, especially with your abstract backgrounds and use of colour, for example in the fashion-music-sport section on your site. How do you go about choosing these elements?

5.I usually work using analogue methods but sometimes want to touch up or add to my work digitally, but i have trouble getting my final pieces looking finshed. Have you any tips that might help bring the two media together?

Thankyou for your time!


Sound wave by Jean Shin

I found this image whilst looking around people i follow on my more personal blog, and i really liked it so kept the image. It's a good representation on the movement of music, almost instead of making a metaphor of a saying, taking it literally. I really like this idea of working, and also the idea of making the actual sculpture makes it seem more finished than if this was simply drawn out or painted.