Christiano Siqueira-- Noir

When looking on how to work on images in black and white, why not check this guy out; just a small selection of designs created by Christiano Siqueira for his "Noir" project. They are simply beautiful. They remind me of character designs thet might have sat well in the film "Sin City" (mentioned a looong time ago on my blog) because how well they are stylised. They show so much.... power, wealth, elegance, swag, you name it and i think the high contrasting black and white is a contributing factor to this. On top of this, it was all designed in Illustrator, proving that skills in the computer area can get you a very long way! I think that there is also something to be said about the composition of the shots as well, they seem to be put into the frame almost as if they were in a movie or graphic novel, which i find interesting!

People Too

I found this awesome little collection of images while i was browsing online of these mini-sculptures. I was thinking of maybe doing some 3D work at the time and they really appealed to me, but i didn't realise the scale was so small until i looked at the final image, with the artists hand putting something into place. I find that incredible as i don't think i would ever have the patience to perform such a small opperation! On top of all that, all of the little characters are stylised! I just think it's really good to see such a use of narration, technical skills and creativity rolled into one set of work; even in the top image lighting has been used for the photo, and this mixed with all the other inanimate objects lying around our festive characters makes this project come to life! Congratulations, People Too!

Evgenij Soloviev-- No Vacancy

Here is a selection of work from a guy i found on the Behance Network called Evgenil Soloviev for a project titled "No Vacancy". The images are all slightly surreal in nature, and also pretty dull colourwise, hinting at a slighly despairing look towards the world. These, in my opinion, are really creative ideas for a project, and i love how they all fit together into one theme yet are so different and strong as standalone images at the same time. They also seem like they could be real events, if not so surreal, through the use of mixed media with photomontage.

Glenn Jones

Here is a sample of work from a guy called Glenn Jones. I chose to introduce his work onto my blog as inspiration, because i like his technique and thought process when it comes down to choosing colour. As well as the great humour he encompasses in his images (i, personally, love the gingerbread man one at the bottom) he keeps his images quite flat-looking and simple. Another technique i've noticed is that he can creat his images using people and animals an still make them looking like finished, convincing images without drawing the face. This is something i usually moan about to do with my own work so in future i'll find a better way to show my people.