Las Meninas: Swap Two

Here is Paul's "Ghost" Interpretation... guest edited by me! I really loved what Paul had done with the project, so was pretty reluctant to change much of it. I really need more guts! So i decided to have a little play with photoshop in preparation for the up and coming challenges i might be facing. I had fun playing with the levels, trying to get a good strong colour that would represent how naturally beautiful the girl in the drawing is. But it still seemed to be lacking something, so i used the flowers from my own frame, scanned them in a resized/ rearranged them to make a cool nature background that also shares a link with my piece. At first all the flowers also had vibrant colours, but it was just too much to look at. So in the end i thought the flowers should just be secondary to the face, and i reckon its turned out pretty good! Cant wait to see what the finished piece with look like!

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