Hideout Festival

Last week I went to Hideout festival in Croatia. As well as having the best time ever, seeing some amazing DJ sets, soaking up the 30-degree heat and making some great new friends, I was actually working there. We had a body-painting stand in the middle of the festival, where four of us would give the customers whatever they wanted! I’d done it in Ibiza the year before so had an idea of what people asked for, and I took my portfolio with me to give the customers an idea of what we did. I’m still waiting for the rest of the pictures of my work to come through but here’s one I managed to salvage for now.

 I did the work for a company called Purple Paint, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram as purple.paint.us, and it was my first venture into painting in a place not in Ibiza. I’m hoping that as this was a trial as to work out if it would be successful in other places that I can expand and do more festivals and clubs over the next year.

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