Craig Shields

Here are a couple of pieces of work created by a friend i recently made, Craig Shields. He's just graduated from The University of Lincoln, but lives in York and has already given me advice and inspiration for my next two years. He gave me his website when i first met him but forgot to look him up for quite a while, but when i did i was pretty blown away by the level of professionalism, input and commitment shown.
The first piece i'm exhibiting could have been just about any of his pieces since i love nearly all of them but i chose this one because i'm loving the use of minimal colour along with the mix of photo/ simple doodles to show energy and mood. I'll be happy if i can find a way to do this by the time i finish the course. Also, this piece has been in the Computer Arts magazine, proving thathe could very well be one of the next "big names" in design/ illustration.
The second piece is his most recent (or what i've seen anyway), and is based on the one-word brief (or theme, rather) of "Mythic". The theme was set by Depthcore, a Digital Media and Art Collective that he follows closely; many of his stylised works can be found within these chapters. Hopefully we'll get to see more of him soon!

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