Las Meninas: Germaine Richier

Here is the second runner up in the Las Meninas project. "Shepherd of the Landes" (1951, cast 1996) was cast in Bronze, and features a type of hybrid form; the Shepherd appears to have aquired an almost insect-like stance, as well as appearing old and decreppid. These themes are frequent in Richiers work, which "strike a chord with the bleak image of humanity prevalent in Europe after the Second World War (taken from the Tates website). I liked the worn out look in the sculpture, the weathered form still standing against all odds, a very defient figure in my opinion. I also was fascinated by the head of the figure, because at first glance i could only see what looked like a sort of dinosaur looking head, but walking around it (Paul noticed this) theres a collection of faces showing personality. Unfortunately, it didn'tmake the final cut!

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