Here are the best three pieces of advice I have heard all year:

1—[your work] should always be fresh looking, because this is how you can convince people – they always want to see something refreshing.

This piece of advice was given to me from Christian Barthold. It is one of the things he said to me that resonated with me because it was something that isn’t often said, and it gave me a new perspective on doing art that I shall carry through to next year. It actually works well with alot of other things he said, like “don’t be afraid to do it your way”—something I always ignore when anyone else tells me to do it my way. Maybe this advice he has given me will help me come out of my creative shell over the course of the summer and really get into my stride.

2—If you’re there for the money, you really shouldn’t be there.

I recently quit my job, which took a lot of thinking about, but stretching myself between a fixed job and uni was killing me. I began to hate my job, and when I talked this through with my mum, this is what she said. It was true. There was no other reason for me to be there, and I wasn’t happy. Quitting my job means I can now focus on the things that keep me happy and creative, like my course. I now have more freedom. This quote can also relate to design though, I’m not going to do a job I don’t like if it’s just for the money.

3—Don’t be so shy.

This came from Ian my tutor, and although I’m not sure if he was joking or not, it made a whole lot of sense in my head. I might come across as confident as a person most of the time, but I need to show confidence in my work. Then I’ll be proud to show it off to the rest of the class and then I’ll learn more about myself and my work process, and through that I should gain a style. But at the moment, I’m still shy with my ideas inside, and it results in running away from crits, presentations, missing deadlines, and this is ruining my course for me.

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