Contact Report: Soraan

Soraan is a designer/publisher i recently started speaking to over the internet about getting out of the uni course world and into the design world. He has managed to set up his own magazing, which at the moment is out digitally only but is quickly moving towards physical publication. I thought it wound be a good idea to interview him and ask him for advice, rather like he does with other artists and designers in the magazine, 7 Sades of Black.

1. What is it that keeps you motivated?
That I know my thought process is different to other people, try to always make the designs more clever than other people.

2. Who and what are your main influences, both inside and outside of the creative world?
Have had a great selection of tutors in A level and foundation, made me think differently. Dont think i can have a main influence design wise in honesty, alex trochut if i had to pick.

3. What was it that got you interested in design and Illustration?
It was just more fun, simply put. I loved maths but it was too serious, graphics is like 70% fun 30% maths in my opinion.

4. Could you try and explain your working process?
Thinking of something that no one else would have. Trying to pull out external stuff from fashion or fine art and see if you can combine it with a brief.

5. How do you overcome creative blocks?
I just take it easy. Dont stress myself out, i just leave it. It will come to me eventually. Chill out, dj for a bit or play video games

6. And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring designers or illustrators?
Don't copy people. If you find a designer your like, for the love of god dont copy him or her. Your work will always look like a cheap rip off. Be different, dont follow a trend.Right now for instance everyone is obsessed with animals like deers and that kind of stuff, who gives a shit. Its been so over used. Dont follow the crowd.

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