Creative Review- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In retaliation to my final major project I’m delving into some films that deal with dreams and the subconscious so I have a richer understanding of the world I will be creating. I’d heard a lot of hype over this film and had wanted to see it for a while so I gave it a go.

I walked into this film not knowing anything about it, which made it a lot more fun. I really wasn’t expecting a story about a man who undergoes an operation to get his thoughts of a woman he loves removed. It was a very interesting concept, seeing the story in backwards of significant memories that made up their relationship.

There were some scenes in the film that I think were particularly beneficial to my research. About halfway through the protagonist decides he doesn’t want the procedure any more and tells his girlfriend, who is, of course, just a memory at this point. They have a few scenes where they try to run away from the memory deletion by going to a hidden memory in his mind, which almost works, and it’s great watching his reactions to the memories. The feelings he had are still there, he knows it’s a memory but at the same time he plays out what happened. He questions why certain things happened the way it did before he’s whisked away to the next memory and the process almost starts over.

I quite liked this film, it is thought provoking and it tells a really good story. I think if I watched it again I would definitely pick up on points I missed the first time round. However, there wasn’t too much that I could add to my project at this time, apart from the notion that memories can be changed, replayed, altered and that they are not always what they seem.

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