Final Major Project- Practical Part 1

The practical part of my dreams project hasn’t had much progress in the past 7 weeks. All I’ve managed to get done so far is establish a few sketches from the dreams I’ve had recently, and I even found that part difficult!
I think the main reasoning for this might be that I’m still uncomfortable with the fact that everyone around me has settled on their own techniques and styles and I’m still not ready to make that step. It’s put me off the main part of the project—the “doing” part.
I started off with some sketches from various dreams and put them together to see if there were any stories that looked more interesting than others. Then I set out a few of these stories in rough compositions, making them a little more like comic book stories. I also tried adding bits of texture in them, just to see if they looked any more pleasing at this stage. It was just experimenting really, which was pretty fun and gave me some interesting results.
When I reviewed the work with the tutors, they helped me to realize that just making them into comics would be pulling the dream idea away from itself; dreams are stories in non-linear format, they don’t always make sense, and they blur together to make new dreams.
I feel like what I have so far is a decent starting point but it should have been the starting point for work from about four weeks ago so now I have quite a bit of catching up to do. However, after a week of feeling confused and demotivated, I feel like I can get on top of this quite easily by looking at it from another standpoint. I’m trying out a style I used a long time ago with my James and the Giant Peach book cover, as people always seem more drawn to that than other pieces in my portfolio. There will be a lot more shape than line, added textures, and it will have a more playful and jointed feel about it.

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