Portfolio Visit- Lucy Wilson

Lucy came in again on Tuesday to teach the 3rd year graphics her bookbinding class so I took the opportunity to catch her afterwards and ask for a quick portfolio visit. I know Lucy’s work is nothing like that of mine in the portfolio but I had a feeling that I’d be able to get some valuable information off of her anyway, and I was not wrong!
Lucy gave me quite a few good pointers that I will take on board. The most basic one was to keep my portfolio clean, which is obvious but necessary, and that she didn’t think that my best piece was at the front. I need to do a bit more work to get a decent piece at the front but I know where she was coming from. Maybe I should do some more editorials and see where that gets me.
One piece that she was particularly drawn to, and it’s a piece that a lot of people seem to get drawn to as well (it is quite different to the rest of the work inn the portfolio) is the James and the Giant Peach book cover I made last year. She said that I had a good concept going on with my main typeface on there and it’s a strong point to move forward with. She also liked the texture o the piece. There was some points that she said could have been improved upon, like composition and my handwriting type, but she couldn’t see why I didn’t work on this a bit more.
I’ve been getting told to “just make stuff” for ages now and I think after Lucy has shed light on this piece it’s time I listened to what everyone around me is saying and jump in. I think I’ve just been a bit worried, my confidence has gone out of the window a bit but after the advice I’ve been getting this week it’s high time I got it back!

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