Artist Research: Calef Brown

With the beginning of my printing style beginning to take shape I was introduced to Calef Brown by the tutors. The reason they advised me to take a look at his work was so I could take note of how he uses shape to portray things, figures in particular.

Right now in my drawing and printing I’ve been quite careless with how I show a certain shape in relation to the rest of the picture. It might make sense when I look at it because I know what it is, but as a stand alone element, nobody else would have the foggiest!

In Browns work I can see that although the shapes aren’t realistic of real life shapes, he simplifies them so that the audience gets a very clear picture of what the object/ feature is. Sometimes there’s even just the slightest bit of detail to enhance this. When he wants a nose, he’ll show a nose, whereas on the last print I made, I wanted a nose, and kind of made a block in the space where a nose would be in the hopes that the audience would be able to work it out.

I quite like the face that the tutors showed me Browns work as it’s not something that I would normally look at, but it’s a style I should explore more if I want to continue with my printing. He places all his elements in the right places, and exaggerates some things but to the extent that you know what he wants to express. He also has a great colour palette, where the colours are quite surreal but not too vibrant, so you can take in the image with ease.

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