Business Cards

I’ve been waiting quite a while do my business cards because I think that the business card should be a reflection of who I am as a person and an creative person, so I was waiting until I had a suitable style. This came really late on for me and it still needs a lot of refining so I had to improvise when I got my cards. It’s not too bad though because I can always update the cards with my style later on!

For the illustrative side of the card I felt that I hadn’t created a stand alone image that represented me and my work yet either, so thought it would be fitting, and more exciting to include five different designs that the client could choose. I decided to use a selection of images I’d made for my FMP because of three main reasons; they were my most current work, they were the most visually exciting because of their texture, and I felt that the roughness of them represented me a little more than my cleaner work.

Another decision I made when designing the illustrative side was that instead of giving the cards a whole image it would be more fun to only include a cropped version of my work, so the client would be able to see the style and work out what it was, but not get a whole narrative. This, I thought, was a good idea because it would get them enticed, and maybe be more inclined to check out the picture on my website.

The information side of my card looks a lot more business like; I used a smaller Helvetica font, and I made It a more subtle grey as black would be too striking. I wanted them to remain warm to the client. I also used my title as Kyle Hart: Visual Artist and Illustrator as to assure the client that I am capable of more creative duties than just illustration.

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