Final Major Project: Final Posters

I have some final pieces to hand in! I had to leave the whole book idea for marking, but that might still come later on for my show. I have ended up with a series of posters, half landscape, half portrait, depicting scenes of my dreams. They all include some printing technique, some type and some of them also have line drawings, all on an offset white background.

I have to say that after a good few weeks of me being confused with what I was doing, and then settling down on this idea, I am fairly happy with what I have achieved!

I like the fact that I have created a set of posters that represent my sub-conscious and still carry a narrative quality to them, yet seem so random. I’m hoping that my audience will get a kick out of the stories, whether they feel the fun in them or see the sadness in them (there’s a mix of both) and I’m hoping that my personality will show through.

I know that they could all do with some touching up, and a bit more care, and I was hoping to have a few more posters. However, I finally feel a lot more comfortable and confident creating images. I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept, and composing all of the elements, and I think that they’ve turned out ok.

In the future I’m gong to refine my type skills, because I loved learning about this and realize how much more there is to explore. I’m also going to add more elements to my work and focus on making sure my line drawings are better.

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