Drawing Techniques

During the course of the final major project one thing that I have been having trouble with is my drawing skills. I just don’t know where I’ve been going with my drawing lately and it’s one of the factors that have dampened my confidence, so I’ve been avoiding doing drawing.

This was ok for a little while because it meant I could focus on printing, but there came to a time where obviously just printing wasn’t going to be enough. I needed to draw to give my images more detail, and there needed to be more elements, otherwise I wouldn’t be showing any narrative.

Ian and Gary have both said that they can see something in my more sketchy drawings, that they have some kind of raw quality to them that I need to bring out, but when I try I seem to be hitting a brick wall. I try clean up my drawings for the final pieces, which makes them lose their quality.

To overcome this problem I’ve left the pan alone when doing some of my drawing and moved back to some kind of drawing I did in my first year, and that’s working with ink. It makes me a lot loosed and fluid, and it helps me vary my lines a bit, and I think that this is starting to show in my final work. However, I know that this is only the beginning of my improvements.

When I carry on with work, I think that something I need to take into consideration is that working with different media when I draw can give surprising and fun results, and I should start projects by just draw draw drawing more to see what I can come up with!

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