Creative Review: Inception

How can I do a final major project based on dreams without including the recent film Inception (2010)? This is a recent film based on the idea that ideas can be planted into someone’s mind through entering their dreams, where their subconscious shows through in the form of the objects around them. It’s a very interesting concept because it delves into the ideas of dreaming, how dreams work with the architecture and how consciousness and sub consciousness work together in sync to create a new world inside your head.

The scenes of the characters in the dream world filled me with awe. The idea that this world has been created be someone is one that you can relate to as a dreamer because things do just appear when you want them to, and you can bend the laws of physics to your will.

One of the issues the film also deals with is the idea of a paradox, something that I want to find a way of incorporating into my work. There’ssa scene in the film where the dreamer has created a set of stairs that look like they continuously go up, when really that is a feat that cannot be accomplished in real life architecture!

The only real problem with trying to take something from this film is that there is pretty much a linear narrative in the film, and in each dream. Even though they’re in a dream, the places still seems real, whereas in my work I want to also try and show that dreams are just flashes of places; memories, made up buildings, familiar versus unfamiliar, and that doesn’t happen so much in this film.

It is still, however, one of my favourite films, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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