Portfolio Visit 2: Part 2

So the second half of my portfolio visit with Synergy Sheffield went slightly different to how I was expecting it to go! Taz had the idea to give me some more advice in actually selling ideas and pitching to clients, as that is what the future may hold for me.

As I had already told him that I had an interest in comics, my brief was to give them a 60 second pitch on a new direction for the next big Marvel comic. They gave me about ten minutes to plan my pitch an idea to them, which was really nerve-wracking because I’d been put entirely on the spot.

After I gave my pitch, in which I explained the art direction of the comic, the new characters, writing and themes, they asked me questions like what would I bring to the table, and what would make me stand out from the other applicants? I held my own and answered with some confidence, and they seemed impressed with what I had to offer.

Although it was only a quick workshop I felt like I learned loads, about handling myself under pressure, acting with more confidence and coming up with ideas on my feet better.

Finally, the guys wanted to know what project I was working on currently, so I showed them what I had done so far with my FMP, the original prints and some colour prints. I explained that the new direction was aiming to be a mix of all the good parts of my current portfolio and they seemed excited by the prospect of what might come. They told me that they see potential in the idea and as long as I worked hard for the next few weeks I’d be fine getting it all done, which made me feel better about my work.

The Synergy guys were awesome, and told me to keep in touch, so I will! They’re also interested in coming to the end of year show, so I will be aiming to please them with my final work and portfolio.

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