Working with Type

With time running short it seems that the best idea was for me to use my images to create a set of posters, using some of my line drawings, my printed images, and some type. I didn’t want too much type, just enough to give a kind of added element to my narrative, so when it is added to the poster a story is told.

Exploring what type I should use was interesting though. I looked into Paul Davis work, and then David Shrigleys. My initial thoughts were that they had the same working styles, and the type they used was pretty much the same, but I was still unsure of how I was going to utilize this to my advantage. I mean, I couldn’t use type like that without justifying myself could I?

However, Gary gave me a quick crash course into both of the workings, and we looked at what made their type theirs! Also how they had looked into design (well, more Paul Davis) before applying it, and I realized that this wasn’t just their handwriting, these works were carefully planned pieces, and the type was just another element! Like mine was aiming to be!

I realized that Shrigley’s type was a little more all over the place than Davis’, but I thought that it would be good to keep the type a little refined. I noticed how David kept his type slightly italicized, all in capitals and boxed or underlined certain words, and I liked all of these ideas.

It took me a while to get my type the way I wanted it, and looking good, and I know I can improve on this in future projects. It took me a few attempts to keep my lines straight, as I was working too big at first, but this is definitely a style of type that works for me, shows my personality well and one that I want to indulge in in the future.

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