Website Development.

One professional aspect of becoming a designer/ illustrator is that you have to have people be able to find you and your work. The more obvious way of doing that in todays environment is via a website.

So I did a bit of research into what the best kind of website would be for me, and at first it baffled me so much! I’m not the best when it comes to the technical side of the internet, but eventually managed to sort myself out with a domain name for a couple of years. I toyed around with a few name ideas for a while, like “kylehartillustration” or kdjh-art” but inn the end I realized that this was defeating the function of my site. People want to be able to find me, if they have to look more than a couple of pages on Google they’d give up. So I went with the simple http://www.kylehart.co.uk, which opens me, up to be more than just an illustrator as well.

I also shopped around for what the best hosting site would be for my needs. I played around with a WIX site for a while before deciding that there wasn’t enough freedom, and when you click on my artwork it doesn’t show it to it’s full potential or size and I really thought it ruined the online viewing experience.

I also looked at 1and1.com to see if that would work, but I thought that with the templates it offered, every site looked more like a blog to me. I’d like a news section on my site but I didn’t want it looking like a blog, since I already have two!

The best site I found, as I’m sure many others would agree, was Cargo Collective. I settled on this one because it offered some good templates and I thought I’d find it easier to customize things after a little working out. I also thought that all an audience really wants when they go on a website is simplicity and easy usability, and you get that with cargo! 

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