Editorial Work

I just thought i'd share a little of my summer on here since i've not really kept up with the blog over the summer. Later on i will share some of my thoughts on the summer project i've been working on but for now i've had a focus on a set of 8 editorials for the Guardian newspaper.

I chose a total of 40 stories, each of which could be put into eight categories and from there i narrowed down my ideas, stories and planning until i had weeded out the good and the bad. Then i set down to development, coming up with ideas and brainstorms for about 16 of the stories until i felt comfortable moving on with a final eight.

Finally, i have been developing the final stages of these ideas all together to make sure i come up with a coherent set of images with a succinct style. These images aren't quite finished yet, there's still quite a lot of playing around to do with colour, some straightening out maybe and some touches to finish, but here are a few so far. A little feedback would be nice if you want to comment?

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  1. These look good Kyle! nice and bold, and nice bright colours aswell. will be cool to see your finished images! let us know what the articles are about too! :D