Hendrik Dorgathen

Here is another illustrator i was pointed towards after showing my editorial work, specifically for his book, Space Dog (the final three images). He has done comics, illustration and animation and even showcases a lot of his sketchbook ideas on his website.

I can understand why i was directed to Dorgathen's work. He uses a think black outline in all of his foreground and mid-ground objects, and this in a way forces the lines to be kept to a minimum, clarifying the panels. The colours he uses seem to be bright but at the same time manage to achieve a slightly dark quality to the atmosphere, maybe that's just me, or maybe it's the way he draws his figures. This i s a very distinctive style that looks like it's been practiced well over the years. I think my favourite aspect of his work though is the characters; it is a very interesting take on how to draw people, and something i might need to take on board since i have a lot of trouble getting faces right. Dorgathen makes them simple and effective, and even manages to still inject personality into each character he creates.

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