Olimpia Zagnoli

Olimpia Zagnoli was an illustrator who was suggested to me by someone who had seen my recent work. She suspected i might like her because of the similarities she found in our work, so i thought i'd check her out.

Zagnoli is from Milan and is only five years older than me, which in itself is an inspiration, to see young illustrators getting work published. It help gives me a target to set myself. She has had many important clients as well, ranging from The Harvard Business Review (the top two images) to the Rolling Stone, to creating crazy machines for Moon's Factory Website (the bottom three images, as i'm sure you might have worked out).

To be honest, i'm not sure how similar our work is, but I may be biased as i'm obviously too involved. So it's good to hear from an outsider a different point of view. Saying that, i do like the playful quality of Zagnoli's work, and does remind me of a time when i liked playing with cutting and sticking. The colour simplicity is also a factor i really like, limiting the pieces to simply three or four colours really does help the work gel together, so there's a lesson here for me to learn.

The same idea with colour applies to these three pieces, which work really well as part of a set. They show that the colours and shapes are all you need, and with a great creative mind you will achieve strong images. I can imagine this being a really fun style to work in and at the same time receive lots of positive results in a short space of time!

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