Christian Barthold

I first saw Christian Barthold's work when i bought Illustration Now! a while ago. Although i regularly change my favourite pieces in there, the ones that are consistently keeping my interest are his pieces. He uses collage, photography, pencil, acrylics and photoshop depending on whatever style he's doing at the time. At the moment i think he's shifted his focus onto handmade collage, with photoshop touches but my faveourite style of his are this selection, a few of them shown above. I really like his use of line, point of view and especially colour in his work. He thinks hard about the right blends depending on what he's trying to portray, i really like the consideration of exactly where the colour goes as well. I think i'll carry on looking into Bartholds work for inspiration as i move my work into more digital forms next year, his work will really help me through second year.

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