Las Meninas: My First Piece

Here are a few photos of my initial piece of the summer project, my groups work all being based around the piece, "Ghost". I was pretty stuck to begin with, because although i really loved the sculpture, had a hard time of thinking what to take from it. My first ideas were based on photography, to try keep the idea of realism with the piece. There were going to be pictures based on typical teenage personality disorders, as i'd done a bit of research and came to the conclusion the Ghost might have one. In the end i realised it was a bad start and no creativity was coming from the photo idea so moved in a different direction.

Instead i made a cardboard model of a photo/ mirror frame that Ghost might have made by herself. I thought of this because i wanted to take the feelings from her face and explore her everyday life a little bit. Since she seemed unsure of her position in teenage society, uneasy with her appearence and isolated i thought that she might decorate a frame with "happy, pretty" things to remind her of whats good in life and that she has beauty on the inside. I used bright, plain block colours to try breathe life into the character. I think it turned out okay but reckon i could have put a little more effort in with the painting.

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