Las Meninas: Final Decision

And the winner is..... Ron Mueck with his eerie sculpture, "Ghost". This was definitely the stand-out piece for me in the whole room of crazy sculptures, which in hindsight is really weird considering that it was probably the most normal looking one! But i think that's what it was that struck me about it; it was the first sculpture in the room that i'd seen and for a second i wondered why that little girl... big girl... actually tall girl looked sad against the wall. Then a split-second later i realised it was part of the exhibition. A split-second later i was scared of it. Any sculpture than can give me all those feelings in a glance wins my vote any day.

So what was she? A giant? No. Just slightly different in size from the rest of the people in the room. Did she care? Of course she did, that must be why she was sad! Well looking at her face you see that there isn't just sadness there, there's definitely something else. Thinking. What about? The future? I don't know, but thats what i love about it, so many questions to ask and explore, like looking at a photograph of a stranger, or even thinking when you look in the mirror (or is it just me that does that), or looking at how people cope with a bad day.

Now i just have to decide what to do with the Ghost.

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