Keri Smith

Keri Smith is a very inspirational woman when it comes to getting myself motivated. I have one of her books, "How to be an explorer of the World" and it's full of these awesome little lessons and missions for you to do when you need a break from whatever you're doing. But at the same time these missions correlate to artists and help them in their work, so everybody's a winner. Seriously, i should rip out all the pages and paste the m to my bedroom ceiling so i can see them all the time! This first image is an example of what a page in her book looks like-- well, they all are really, and show how simple tasks can free you creatively. The second image down, a list compiled of what you shouldn't do if you're an artist, is a list i think i'm going to start following very closely for my second year. Hopefully this will keep my work and experience more fun and enjoyable.

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