Hiroshi Hara

Last year i gave a presentation on Architecture as part of the orally marked assessment. One architect i was going to use (but eventually didn't make the list) was a guy called Hiroshi Hara. This Japanese architect has designed some of the most iconic buildings in Japan, my favourite being the Umeda sky building in Osaka; the three images in the middle show this building at different interesting angles. It reminds me of lego, like most of his work does (especially the Kyoto Station, top image), but i also really like the idea of two entirely separate buildings that are only accessible together at the top. I've seen other pictures of tis building that have taken my breath away, but can't find them at the moment, but its shown at night, profile shot with the moon glaring through the middle of the building. I find it really inspiring as it shows a relationship between modern urban sky buildings and nature.

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