Stephen Wiltshire

I've been a fan of Stephen Wiltshire's work for a while now, (well about 3 years but thats a long time for me) i really wish there was a way i could draw like he does! He just has an amazing accuracy to get in every detail in a picture, however complicated, and when this gift is paired with his tendency to draw cityscapes on a huge level, something amazing is produced every time. A lot of his pictures are in black and white, which is cool, but some, like the two on the bottom have bits of colour added which bring in added atmosphere.
Stephen, however, is also autistic. When he was younger he didnt interact with other human beings, couldn't speak until he was 9, and only ever really communicated with the world through drawings. He began by drawing cars and busses, but moved on to buildings, drawing loads of famous landmarks and cities. He doesn't even need to see what he is going to draw for very long before he goes ahead; once he flew over Tokyo and remembered every aspect of the city, putting it on a 10 meter long canvas! Since then he's being working on other cities in the same way.

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