Right, i'm actually becoming obsessed with this depthcore website! Although it's amazingly far away from the type of work i'll be doing next year i'm still fascinated by the images that have been posted. I also know i'll be able to learn a lot from looking at these images however different they are because they're really inspiring with a lot of their uses of colour techniques to create whatever atmosphere they need. Today i'm going to share a few images from one of the chapters named Infinity. I chose to share this because i find it interesting how a person can interpret something that is sort of an impossibility to imagine, rather like Escher did with his impossible constructions. It's also interesting to see how these guys think, which is shown in their work through how different each piece is when they've been given only one word. Enjoy.

Justin J. Bacon

Tony Graff

Risart Soengkono

Pete Harrison

Nelson Balaban Jr.

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