Alex Williamson

In my first year i had a project where i was given an illustrator and had copy one of their images the best i could in order to explore how the image might have been created. It was a fun process, deconstructing the image, and i also made my own image like my given Illustrator using the same process. My Illustrator was Alex Williamson, and i found his work on my coomputer so thought i'd share because i really like it.
I was so confused as to how i was going to do it for quite a while because, as you can see, there are a lot of elements he likes to use. Most of his images incorporate collages of photos, scribbles, splodges, logos, textures and actual pictures, yet when it all comes together creates a chaotic but beautiful picture. There is also a great sense of depth within most of his images, use of foreground and background is played with, and all of this is mixed in with the colour scheme to create a very interesting atmosphere.

However, Williamson also knows when to reign in all of this chaos to produce pieces that are relevant to the clients he has. This can be seen in the work he has done for Vodafone, in the bottom two images. His style is still there in the background, showing off his playfulness in the subtle yellow space, while he is easily getting Vodafones massage across, and it works extremely well.

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