James and the Giant Peach: Final Outcome

Here is my finished book cover design for the Puffin Awards, based on James and the Giant Peach's 50th birthday celebration. I had quite a lot of fun experimenting with mixing the use of traditional printing with elements on photoshop with this project, and i feel like i got a lot more stuck in than i usually do. However, there are definitely pro's and con's to consider when looking at it, which has been highlighted with other peoples responses to it.

  • Good type
  • I think i did the layout of a book cover justice
  • Using a black background isn't the obvious choice but brings the work together, and is a successful background
  • Good use of texture.
  • Focus on making the characters look decent-- especially faces
  • Think about use of colour more, no need to saturate the image so much
  • I wish i'd spent more time on a better type for the blurb.

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