Frank Chimero

As well as just looking at work that might be relevant to the project or style i'm focussing on, i think it is also good practice to look at work from all area's of art and design. I also look at architecture, fine art and sculpture, i believe the more you take in the better. So here are some prints made by designer Frank Chimero. They are simple, yet tell a great message at the same time. I especially love the messages he's sending out with prints like this, if i woke up to these on my wall every morning i'm sure i would have so much more motivation.
I like his choice of type in each piece as well, it is obvious these prints haven't just been thrown together like i might have done, but carefully selected. This is a lesson i need to learn when coming across different types of projects: which is the best way to think about the solution to this problem, more instinctively or with more careful planning?

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