Things I Have Learned.

What Motivates Me: Fun

I believe that everything a person does in their short life should incorporate as much fun as possible in order to get the best out of what they do. For example, I used to be very good at Maths in school, and was expected to carry this on later education, but I knew that if I ended up in a Maths-related job, I'd be hating my life. Now I always make sure I do something I enjoy everyday, and doing creative work accompanies this.

Things I Have Learned

It's OK to work with a free spirit: I always seem to be really worried about how my work will turn out or compare to other peoples, or what my style might be like. But increasingly over the second year, i'm coming to understand that these aren't the points I should be focussing on. These worries are shown in my work through how restrained it is, and I think that if i do a project in the future without any thought on the outcome, and just do what i like, maybe my work will express my personality a little more.

A good plan to begin with helps in the long run: Along with this, good research has helped me produce more rounded work. It's a no-brainer really but something i regularly ignore. I like to grab an idea and run with it, but now if i create lots of fast ideas I will be able to explore more and have a more confident finishing piece.

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