David Hughes

Today in Illustration we had a talk/ lecture from design company Chase, initially intended for the third years but second years were welcome. I thought it might help me out with any professional thoughts i might start to have, so tagged along. The Art Directors gave some really good advice, but also showed work from some Illustrators that they've worked with in the past before.

One particular Illustrator that caught my eye was David Hughes, who has had numerous clients in Editorial including The Guardian and The New Yorker (the images below are all pieces for these two clients). The reason i want to share his work on here as well though is connected to realisations i've been having of my own work lately. David's work has a lot of the instinctive style that i need to include, matched with a solid use of colour, composition and characters with lots of... character!

When i saw his work for the first time on the screen it helped show me that it is ok to be more experimental and end up with work that still has a playful look to it yet till has a finished, professional element. I have doubts that i will ever end up drawing my figures the way he does but even so, just looking at other elements of his work has inspired me more than most work i've been looking at lately.

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