Ben Javens

I've only just seen Ben Javen's work recently but i already find his style very interesting. It is, in a way, the kind of look i was trying to go for with my book cover design i finished last week. He uses simple textured shapes to produce these aesthetically pleasing visuals, which also have a lot of character about them. A factor i also noticed about his pieces, shown underneath, is his attention to colour, which brings all the elements in the work together. This is done by only selecting the smallest amount of colours, and this gives his work more professionalism.

I have included images 3 and 4 in this post to give myself an example of how Ben turns a piece of work that he's already made into an edited version that can be used for commercial use. With just a few alterations, a simple picture has produced a really good advert. This is something i need to start considering for when we begin editorial work in the future.

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