Petra Stefankova

I found Petra Stefankova's work in one of the monthly art magazines i buy, and although it was only her 3D work shown in the magazing, i was motivated to find out a little more about her work online. I found that she also deals in 2D work just as much, depending on her mood or the brief she has been set, but pretty much keeps the same sort of style. What i liked about her work in the first place though, was how her characters and features remind me of cubism in a way, and also include a slightly industrial look about them. They are made with fun, playful shapes and even though there is so much going on in the images there isn't fault in any line ot texture. I can't imagine creating a piece like the 3D pictures in the middle at this point but the 2D image at the bottom looks like an exciting piece where i can grab a lot of ideas and inspiration from.

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