Alice Dupre: Big Scary-- Tuesday is Rent Day.

I came across Alice Dupre in an article in a recent Varoom magazine. She has done work in animation for the likes of Channel 4 and even on one of my favourite films, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The video i'm sharing here is for Tuesday is Rent Day-- a single for the band Big Scary in summer of 2010.

I like the idea of stop-motion, i've given it a try before so i understand the painstaking time it takes, and effort that goes into making a good, well-flowing piece. In the article Dupre talks about how long it took to move and keep tabs on the 100 building blocks, where they all go and which ones need adding to the mix. She says that this was the most difficult part of the production. However, what i like about this video is the mx between the stop-motion and the 2D character/ elements she overlays. She captures the interaction between the blocks and the character in the story in a fresh new way.  It's good to see how for simple drawings can be extremely effective when the transition from still image to moving image is made. It shows that there doesn't need to be a real life element to moving image, as long as it captures the audiences attention in a fun, or cute, or moving way. I'll go into this more in the future, when i explore how illustration might progress in the future/ digital age.

I think that it's really interesting the way i found out about Dupre's work, through being suggested to me that i should look at an article in the magazine, i came across her article instead and decided to pursue her work. Then i found out that she has done the 2D graphics on one of my favourite films, it feels like i've gone full circle to come across her even though i watch her talent nearly once a week (i really love the film)! If i were to compare the two pieces though, i would never have guessed that they were done by the same person, so it's interesting to see how versatile she is in moving image. I'd love to speak to her about her techniques and inspirations.

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