To break the class into the new year we had a one day brief-- simply to choose a quote or saying that we found motivating and make a sign out of it. We had a free run as to how the sign was made, media and size. I knew that i wanted to make a 3D hanging sign so had to choose a small slogan. I opted for SMILE! as i feel that one of the most important things you need in life is to be happy and this is especially important in the workplace, otherwise why do it?

As one of my other passions is comics i thought it would represent my personality well if i covered the sign with an old comic or two. I stuck the panels on so it wasn't possible to follow a story, but enough so the audience can see the action. Then i simply covered the word in thick black pen, almost as if it were panels in its own comic. The decoration can be seen from all angles but only the actual word can be seen from my desk, which for some reason i kind of like!

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