Eduardo Bertone

Here is another example of this type of graffiti art. This work is by a guy called Eduardo Bertone and i stumbled across him when i saw one of his designs in Computer Arts Projects #155. He'd been asked by the magazine one question: What product would you love to design if budget wasn't an issue? Bertone replied that he would like to create outdoor wallpapers, because he likes the idea of decorating a city. Again, it was the concept of working large scale that enticed me. I liked what i saw so far and thought i'd investigate a little further.

I found his website and was immediately interested. Bright colours and wacky drawings of robots and scenes with buildings sticking out at odd angles, i loved it! Aside from just the drawing, Bertone has an eye for the flamboyant colours. Although in one work he will only use about three colours, they all help highlight elements, and not using many colours brings in the composition to make the piece look finished. You can see that there are things drawn entirely from imagination, but work together to create this fantasy world, rich with action and fun.

This is the twist i should be putting towards my personal work. Like Bertone, i draw a lot of things from my head but where i'm going wrong is that i'm restraining myself to real life objects, that exist here, that can be compared. Bertone invents a new world. Yes, many components can be traced to everyday life, like in the bottom picture, but the idea of fresh new imagination is still what makes it stand out.

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