Nobumasa Takahashi

I can't remember how i found Takahashi's work but i know that i was instantly drawn to it. Although he does many different types of design work including portraits and ink drawings, it is this style that i am particularly interested in. First of all, i love the scale. Working big has always been an interest of mine, and the idea of getting a linear drawing on a wall as a canvas is exciting. I really like the detail that goes into each piece as well; there is so much going on in his work. You can be in awe of it the first time you see it and explore it for hours, then upon the next viewing find completely new characters!

The actual elements of Takahashi's pieces are also interesting. He has influences from Japanese are and Western art and you can see it in the work. Using only black lines, he sets the scene, which seems always to be a fantasy world we can get lost in, but also includes familiar landmarks. It's a very good mix. Everything in his work just appears to fit so well together. 

I like working to a large scale, and i like working just linear with my drawing as well. I also enjoy drawing buildings and places much more than i enjoy drawing people, so this is a real opportunity for me to explore a fun path! I link work like this to some of my personal work, like the Monkey piece i showed earlier on my blog. I think that if i find the right characters and elements there is potential in that kind of work to evolve into what we see here. When it's this big though, i always wonder, did he sketch it out first, was it already set in his head or did he just go with the flow and see what happened? My guess is that work like this, a kind of graffiti art, would include a little bit of both. When i produce pieces like Monkey, it's all from memories in my head, no planning goes into what the main elements will be or composition, and maybe this is something to think about in the future.

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