Lord Whitney

Today we had a visit by Art Directors Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney, who make up Lord Whitney. They were here to give us a little insight into how they got where they are now from leaving university, and later to chat to us individually about our own direction.

In the morning they gave us a talk in the lecture theatre about how they became… them! They started off in different disciplines in the same uni; Amy was into photography, while Rebekah was working with 3D illustration. They collaborated just before they finished uni, but carried on after, and still do to this day. I felt a little better about my current situation when the revealed that they didn’t really know what they wanted to do until after they left, and the rest of the talk was based around the realization that what they wanted to do was right under their nose the whole time.

Lord Whitney told us that they find inspiration in things that make them laugh, and generally just the playfulness that can come out of low budget design. They also said how hard it could be pursuing a passion like design/ illustration because so much time and money goes into it for little return (apart from the obvious fun and experience) so make sure you do it for you and not money.

After the talk they had a look at my recent work, and I revealed how worried I am about settling into one specific niche in illustration. They helped me massively, when they showed me that my styles could be brought in, taking the best out of all of my pieces, and putting them to better use. They also told me not to worry about that too much though, and when I told them I was interested in working big they encouraged the experiment for my next project, which is the brief they set me!

Click here to take a peek at their wacky and wonderful website.

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