Personal work.

As well as working on the brief i'm being set by uni i've decided to test out mixing a lot of doodles together into one piece. Here is one image, which is essentially just a collection of memories accumulated in the first few days of me moving into a new house over the summer. All of the memories are real to me, and i think this could be a good new direction to move forward in. I wouldn't usually include work like this on my blog but since starting my facebook page, which now has 111 followers in just six weeks, this has been the one to generate the most interest. I feel that work like this (maybe it's because it is more personal to me, i don't know yet) seems to appeal to my audience a lot more than the other work i've been showing, like my editorials, for example. This is definitely a factor i need to consider for when i leave uni and would like to use my skills in the real world, so to speak!

I like to call this one "Monkey" for reasons unknown!
As this is a personal piece i would appreciate some feedback, i'd really like to build on this work so comments on how to improve would be very helpful!

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