Uganda Book Project.

First and foremost I need to make an apology; I haven't been keeping up to date with this blog recently! So with that in mind i will be spending the next few days bringing you up to date with my recent adventures!

Back in September we were approached by a lady called Denise Ead who works with a charity called Helping Uganda Schools. She had the aim to raise funds for the charity by making a book for young children in schools, so the brief we got was of a story already written and established. There was freedom to play around with some of the idea's but some things had to remain the same-- namely, the main characters, who were chosen by the children in Uganda.

This was a competition brief, so to start off we all had the same pages to illustrate for Denise so she could chose the best concept to be produced into the final book. We had to produce for her a double page spread, a single page and two vignettes.

I opted for the simple look. I thought about what 4-5 year olds would want see when looking at a story like this and decided that bold, bright colours would work best. If there was too much detail they might be overwhelmed, and so used few elements. For the main characters, the monkey, the elephant and the crocodile i had the concept of drawing them using basic shapes, so i made the monkey very circular to portray a mischievous and curious manner, the big strong elephant was to be very square-like and the crocodile quite triangular to show him as feisty. This way they all had their own personality even though i'd made them minimal.

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