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Kirsty Newman is on the moving image pathway at Stockport College, and she has asked me if I’d contribute some work to one of her projects. Always excited at the prospect of collaboration, I said I would. So she showed me a part of the project, the one that she wants me to illustrate. The idea is that she is making some adverts for a local radio show while they are off-air over Christmas, so Kirsty will turn the images I will be making into moving images. This was an exciting prospect for me because quite a lot of the time I lean my idea’s in the moving image direction so it would be good for me to see what my illustrations look like on the screen, as it were.

So Kirsty showed me the thirty-second clip that I was going to be illustrating, and then the following week gave me some notes and storyboards of how she wanted to pull this thing off. It was a good job I had the storyboards just then because I’d already started thinking of my own storyboards, but then realized that it wasn’t collaboration in that sense. This made the project feel more like real life in a was like I was working for her, and she kept the pressure on to make sure I was getting my plans and work to her on time!

Audio Clip:



I’m really excited to see this when it’s finished, because although I’ve dabbled in stop-motion in the past, I’ve never done any other type of moving image, and this is a really exciting opportunity to see my work in a different media. 

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