Heinz Salad Cream Collaboration

Recently the third year students have been set competition briefs. We each get to choose one that we feel would be best suited to us, depending on our pathway, visual language and personal interests, from a wide variety of briefs. I've been struggling to settle on one myself, but then a glimmer of hope came in the form of Richard Purbrick, a moving image student from my course.

Richard chose to work on the Heinz Salad Cream brief, which is actually one I was considering doing myself. The idea is that they want ideas for ways to make their salad cream fun again, so make something promotional aimed at the young adult generation.

This is the second time I’ve ended up collaborating with a moving image guru recently, and like with my work with Kirsty, Richard gave me storyboards to work to. The basic idea sounds really good, experimental and fun, and I really cannot wait to see the finished product!

Richard, who is controlling everything that moves, naturally, is filming the advert on blue screen. He has an actor playing out all of the scenes, and then will edit the actor’s movements so that he fits in with our more experimental style. My job is to create all the background pieces for the advert. I showed Richard previous work before we started and he like the style, but wanted a style that looked more like the opening credits of “Juno” so I decided that I would use a thinner pen. I added little gimmicks in the pictures, like salad cream fridge magnets, and kept to a creamy-greeny colour scheme, reminiscent of the salad cream bottles! Also, adding to my developing style, I’ve started to drop in subtle textures to the frames, which I think enhances the look slightly.

Here are some still frames i've created, and you'll see the finished product quite soon!

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