Christmas Card Design

Our group has been beginning to think of ways that we can raise money so that we can have a stall at D&AD in London next year. Two great ideas came to mind at the meeting; since it was Christmas time, we could have a bake sale, and we could produce a set of Christmas cards to sell! So we split into two groups and set out to work.

Obviously, at this time of year though, we were all very busy and had deadlines approaching. So I got thinking, what might the audience want to see that would be easy for me to make, that they haven’t seen before (to generate a little more interest) and that I could do in a limited amount of colours so it could be screen printed?

I thought that my “Turk the Turtle” was quite a cute character that I’d used before in a previous project, so set about recycling him! I thought that there might be an audience for him, as animals are quite popular, and it’s not the typical animal you’d associate with Christmas. I “christmassed” it up by drawing a scene of him giving a present to a child turtle, and thought that to add colour, green would be perfect (relating to both of the themes) as a background so I could highlight the drawing.

Unfortunately, there were problems on the day of printing. We were supposed to start at ten, but we couldn’t get hold of the cards we were supposed to be printing on until half 12, by which time I was getting ready to go to a lecture! Then I had another prior arranged meeting, and work the next day, so there was no time for my idea to be produced! However, the other cards in my class did get made to a really high standard and they managed to get some sold, so our dreams of making it to D&AD aren’t over yet!

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