Tutorial with Gary and Ian

Last Monday I had a meeting with both of my tutors, Gary and Ian, so we could steer forward in the right direction for the negotiated project. I was actually pretty nervous for this crit (seems to be a running theme there) because my lack of attendance/ workload was sure to have them a little ticked off! However, once again I was second-guessing people and getting it all wrong!

So I took in what I had so far for my competition projects and my museum project to see what they had to say.

I started with a lone picture I had thrown together for my competition project, a portrait of Black Swan for the Little White Lies competition. It was quickly dismissed, and quite rightly, because after they pointed a few things out I realized it looked terrible! So instead I told them that I was already in talks with Richard from the moving image pathway where we were working on the Heinz brief. I didn’t have much to show them though because we’d only had initial talks.

Ian and Gary’s advice was (because there wasn’t much time left) to focus on one project, which was the museum project. I’d showed them a quick draft of the comic I I’m planning on making, which tells the story of how Anansi the trickster God got his storytelling abilities. However, they actually preferred my quick sketching to my final mock-up ideas, noticing that I’d refined the work far too much for the finished product. It helped me realize that while I was so focused on linear aspects, I’d not thought about shape much, which, they say, is a strength I should be working on.

Also, thinking of comics as a way forward was suggested, because my best work comes from narrative elements and I think I have a good eye for composition. In conclusion, the tutors helped me out loads and I’m glad I turned up for the meeting!

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