Jack Teagle

When Lord Whitney visited a few weeks back they thought that it 
Would be a good idea to point me in the right direction in terms of whose work I should be looking at. They could see that I was a fan of comics so mentioned Jack Teagle to me.

After doing a little research and seeing some of his work I can tell why they suggested I look; he is very good with creating narratives, and obviously also takes his influences from comics. You can see this in his compositions.

I really like the storytelling here, and it is kind of the thing I’m trying to go for in some of my work. Maybe I should make my work more like panels to help me tell a story! I really like that he keeps all of his elements simple as well, as it keeps the composition uncluttered. The bold colours have been thought through, and there is also attention so small details that spice up certain frames.

One thing I am envious of though is that he has a great cast to work with He’s created some awesome characters, for example the simple one-eyed alien in “Dust to Dust.” I’d really like to be able to draw characters in a simpler form, most especially people, as I think far too much about what it should look like in real life and always mess them up. That’s why I avoid drawing humans. I should take note here that I should stop doing this and be more free, experiment more with creating my characters and see where I get. Definitely an illustrator I shall be keeping bookmarked!

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